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One direction dirty imagines. They are from your POV (point of view) or are about you and one of the boys POV either, Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall or Zayn. There's also some bromance like LARRY or LILO ect...

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I want this version for my car

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Remember ladies: it doesn’t matter how you do on your finals, as long as your future husband is doing well on his.

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Season greetings my lovelies

Season greetings my lovelies

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medusa is a really cool drug, gets you stoned really fast

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Accepting Submissions

Hey guys! We’re accepting submissions. It can be bromance, daddy kink, underage, rough, etc. As long as it contains sex. You would also be helping us out. So if you’ve been wanting to submit a one shot this is your moment.

-Itza, Mia & Mickey

Harry Styles: Dinner (Daddy kink)


I was so upset after school. The boy I liked called me a fat cow. Things have been so ROUGH since mum left with Sophie. Sophie is my baby sister and my mum was cheating on Harry, my Daddy. My mom is so sweet an kind. But Daddy wanted a divorce because Sophie wasn’t his an She lied about it. Dad got custody of me and Mum took Sophie. Daddy is a professional singer so I have everything I wanted. But not really.

I barged through the door and threw my bookbag on the floor. I found Daddy in the kitchen an ran into his and hugged him really tightly.
“What’s wrong y/n?”
“Cody called me a fat cow Daddy, I’m not even fat, I try so hard not to be fat!” I sob in his white tee shirt. He rubbed my back and put down the beer he was drinking.
“Sweetie, your perfect. Don’t let some stupid boy tell you any different, and most boys don’t even know what an amazing girl you are.” He wiped my tears and broke the hug.
“Go get ready for dinner,”

I feel the hot water run on my body and I pinched my nipples. I imagined Cody fucking me in the shower. His calloused hands rubbing my clit while he ate me out. A moan escaped my lips as I rubbed my clit.
“Mmm CodyYyYYy”

Harry’s pov

I heard some pretty weird noises in y/ n’s room. I crept up the stator and opened her bedroom door. Moans cane from her bathroom and I walk into the bathroom doorway quietly. In the shower y/n was ribbon her clit wildly, her chocolate brown hair wet against her wet skin. Her other hand as pinching her nipple.I instantaneously felt my penis arouse. She looked so much like her mum. Y/n was close and the sexiest noises were coming from her mouth. I just wanted to go in there and beat her ads but pound into her tight pussy at the same time.

"Y/N!" She looked up at me, her fingers covered in her juices and I picked her up and slammed her onto the bed. My hand came down on her small ass again and again. Over and over. She was screaming and god it turned me on like a light switch. Her ads I red and hot now, but I don’t stop.
“DADDY DADDYYYY STOPPIT,” I know the neighbours will hear but God her ass was delicious.
I turn her over and lick her clit furiously. She moans out my name just right. God she is so hot.
“Hmmmm DaddyyYYy” I pump my fingers in and out of her tight pussy. She was a virgin but o was anything but gentle. Her walls clenched around my fingers and she came beautifully. Her eyes were squeezed shut and she screamed out ,
“FUCKKK” AS I put myself inside her not even caring she had never done this before. I slam into her hard and fast. She was in such pain but I was in such pleasure she was so tight. She began to like it, that little slut.
“Yes Daddy! OH DADDY UH HUH”
With a few more thrusts I came really hard on her belly. Because my daughter is NOT birthing my child. I slap her face and put my hand on her neck fucking her more until she came.
“Now get ready for dinner,” I say walking out of her room.

A/n I can’t believe I did this ewww

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Hey guys! I know it’s been a while since I’ve written anything and I’m really sorry. I’ve been so busy with school and getting ready for the SAT and ACT, and its just nuts. School is draining the life out of me so again, im really sorry I havent written anything. Itza xx

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Guys we do prompts too. So give a story you read or heard was good and we will find it for you. Or a theme like if you are into Daddy kink with Ziam for example then we will find it or you just let us know!

-Mia, Mickey, Itza

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Sorry :(

We are so sorry that we haven’t been posting lately. School has started and Mia has volleyball. I have choir competitions.(Mickey) and Itza is busy with school too so just be patient and I promise were gonna try to write as soon as we can .

-Mickey, Itza, and Mia

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Today is my birthday and I’m so blessed and lucky to have this blog. Thank you guys so much for your support and never giving up on us .


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Sorry School started and things are hecktic. Just had volleyball tryouts and stuff. I made JV but I wanted var. The pain is real


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Imagine giving pleasure to one of the boys while the slowly stroke your hair

Imagine giving pleasure to one of the boys while the slowly stroke your hair

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Did you guys even like bar-coded part two? I thought I did bad…


Bar- coded (Part Two)

Warning: Really Deep Smut, Rude terms, Viewer Digression is advised severely

Requested by Anons-

I collided two requests. One was being Harry’s submissive. The other was being Harry’s sex slave.

(Authors Note: I do have more parts coming to this, it is quite long actually it includes all the boys and the “daddy” harry. There is another one shot called “Off The Races” it is a bit similar but i tried to stay away from the story line which you will see is different later in this story. Off the Races was really good here is a link if you are interested (http://mahfanfiction.tumblr.com/post/46902161489/off-to-the-races-one-shot). 

(Look at end for more authors notes)


            After Louis exited the room I looked into the drawer. There were so many colored swim suits but all bikinis. I grabbed a blue polka dot bikini and smiled at it, it reminded me of a swimsuit I used to wear as a kid in the pool or at the beach with my family. I wonder how they are now. I wonder if they still fight and cheat on each other. Maybe they split up and living happily alone. Maybe my absence has let them come together. Or maybe they just don’t care.

            “Y/N hurry up!” I loud bang on the door made me jump. I looked around for the towels that were usually left for me to use to shower but there were none there.

            “Uhm yeah Zayn I’ll be out in a second.” I quickly slipped it on and opened the door only a little just enough that my head was peaking out.

            “Y/N come on why are you hiding behind the door?”

            “Can I have a towel to cover myself till I am outside?” I have always been self conscious regardless the compliments I get from other slave owners. It’s not like they are genuine people.

            “No Louis already has the towels outside. Hurry on.” Zayn grabbed my hand and pulled me along. I quickly gripped onto him from behind, my hands around his thin waist, the swim trunks loosely around his hips. I felt the heat radiate off his bare back.

            “Woah Y/N don’t be so shy.” I shook my head and held on tighter. I don’t want to be known as “the master’s new toy” and show myself off. I don’t prefer to be the center of attention to slaves and slave masters. I am human too. Well actually I am a slave just like everyone else…

            “Look at me.” He pulled me around and tilted my chin up. His eyes went big; his brown irises were glazed by a comforting composure. And the way his eyelashes batted with every blink made it hard to look away.

            “No one will judge you okay? Just hold my hand if you get nervous.” I nodded and intertwined our hands. I rubbed the bird tattoo by his thumb in approval. This is the gentlest anyone has ever handled me, it was… nice. As we walked along the corridors the other slaves eyes grew wide, I got a couple of wolf whistles which made me flush red.

            “Don’t worry it’s a good thing, like a compliment in this house. No one will touch you in bed except sir, and anyone else who he says is okay.” Zayn smiled at me in reassurance till I saw Harry turn the corner straight toward us.

            “Hey the- What are you doing?!” He looked appalled. He pointed to our held hands.

            “Did I say you could touch Zayn?!”

            “No sir, but please she was nervous and-“ Harry stepped in right into Zayn’s face, forcing the slave to look away in fear. I felt his hand tremble.

            “Did I say you could touch?” Harry repeated harshly. Zayn pulled his hand away and whimpered.

            “No sir you didn’t give me permission.”

            “Damn right I didn’t! Come one bend over you know what’s coming.”

            “Sir, I am sorry please not tha-“

            “That’s 10 for talking back.” Zayn quickly bent over holding biting his hand for dear life trying to brace himself.

            “So,” He rubbed Zayn’s ass through the thin swim trunks ever so slowly, “How many do you deserve?”

            “20…” he whispered.

            “How many?!”

            “20 sir I deserve 20!” Zayn whimpered in fear.

            “Okay 20 + 10 is?”

            Zayn shuddered. “30.”

            “Count for me babe?” Zayn nodded hesitantly. Harry wound his hand back as far as he could.

            “Daddy please no!” Harry shot me a glare with rage.

            “Excuse me?” I felt so small compared to him.

            “I told him to hold my hand I was scared I looked ugly.” Harry ran his fingers through his hair.

            “Is that true Zayn?!”

            “Yes sir, it is.” There was a pause.

            “Alright come up Zayn.” Harry’s voice went soft as Zayn stood up and gave me a thankful smile. I guess when people said I was Harry’s property they meant it.

            “Thank you sir.”  Zayn murmured almost inaudible.

Harry sighed.

            “No Zayn I’m sorry, you may hold her hand. Nothing more!” The slave wouldn’t look up into his master’s eyes. The fear still shadowed his face. Harry’s face softened immediately.

            “Baby…” Harry pulled Zayn into his chest holding his waist; Zayn set his hands on his chest but still didn’t look at his eyes.

            “You know I love you always.” Harry put his forehead on Zayn’s rubbing softly. He was handling Zayn with so much tender, loving care.

            “I know sir.”

            “Can I have kisses? Daddy loves his baby always.” Zayn finally looked into his eyes and smiled before giving Daddy a kiss, Harry took the initiative and deepened it slipping his tongue in. Just like Louis and I, Zayn melted into his touch till finally Harry pulled away leaving Zayn to whimper at the loss.

            “I will make it up to you later okay baby? Right now go have fun.” Zayn smiled and nodded giving him one last peck on the lips.

            “Have fun beautiful don’t tire yourself out you still have me for tonight.” Harry growled in the shell of my ear before dipping me and kissing me roughly. I quickly succumbed to the kiss but as soon as I did Harry stood me up and walked off, just like that.

            “Thanks.” Zayn said as soon as Harry was out of ear shot.

            “Don’t worry, it wasn’t your fault. But does Daddy really hit that hard?”

            Zayn trembled again. “His punishment spanks hurt so bad, I have seen people so bruised from it they couldn’t sit for ages. When he is mad, he is mad. I’ve had my own fair share too, they weren’t as bad but they hurt like hell.” I best keep myself out of trouble.

            “Lets swim yeah?” Zayn smiled and pulled me along rushing to the pool.

            “Thought you guys would never make it!” Louis smiled as he got up from his chair.

            “We had a glitch but we are here!” Zayn said while sitting on the tanning chair. Louis jumped into the pool with a loud splash.

            “Come on in Y/N the water feels fine!”

            “Zayn won’t you come in?”

            “…I can’t swim so I just watch.”

            “I can sit with you if you’d like.”

            “No go have fun with Louis.” He smiled. Wow, I actually get to have fun. I jumped into the pool feeling the cold rush clothe my body. I felt like a kid again, it was the best feeling in the world.

            “Louis race me!” The excitement took over my body.

            “Alright new bee you’re on!”

            “Ready…” Zayn raised his hand mimicking a flag. Louis and I grabbed onto one ledge of the pool preparing ourselves.

            “Set…” I placed my feet onto the wall.

            “Go!” I pushed off the wall diving into the water kicking my feet as fast as I could. Louis close behind me. It’s just like I was when I was a kid racing my friends in the pool trying to out swim each other. A smile appeared on my face as I kicked off the wall on the opposite side of the pool swimming back to where we started. Once I felt the smoothness of the wall I shot up in the air.

            “I WON I WON!” Zayn cheered along and clapped as Louis finished second, panting heavily.

            “Nice job kid.” He patted me on the back and grabbed a ball and threw it over to me, I quickly bumped it up keeping it out of the water. We both were hopping and diving just to keep the little ball up, and what made it harder was that we were laughing at each others face. I can’t remember the last time I had this much fun!

            “Fuck!” Louis shouted as his alarm went off as soon as he bumped the ball making him shank it.

            “I got a meeting with Harry. It was fun Y/N!” He quickly swam out of the pool and ran over to dry himself off. Louis looked so beautiful, the water droplets shined in the sunlight coating his cinnamon colored skin. He shook his slicked back hair like a dog making it go haywire. The messy looks making it appear as though he had already been fucked. I still can’t believe he was a slave, he was in perfect condition. I got out of the pool and went looking for the ball so Louis wouldn’t catch me drooling over him. As I looked around I noticed that we were in the suburbs. Why would Harry have his sex slave Mansion in the suburbs? The other houses were quite large also; it must be a very wealthy neighborhood. I peeked through a crack in the fence and saw the ball has made it into the neighboring yard.

            Dammit. There goes the fun. I began to walk away until I heard the ball bounce against the grassy lawn. I turned around to look through the crack and saw a young boy, about my age. He was in a bro-tank and jeans and looked extremely fit. He had an adorable little birthmark on his neck.

            “There’s your ball.” He smiled making his brown eyes squint. He was perfect. I went closer to the fence and smiled back.

            “Thank you.” I felt butterflies in my stomach. I couldn’t help but smile at him he was just so cute. He was per-fect.

            “I’m Liam, and you are?”

            “Y/N.” I couldn’t help but blush.

            “You’re really pretty Y/N.” Now that compliment was genuine he was an actual person. Not a slave owner, not a slave, a person!

            “Y/N time to go inside!” Zayn called.

            “I got to go, nice meeting you Liam.” I began to walk away until he called for me.

            “Wait! Will I see you around?” I couldn’t help but gush at his remark.

            “Of course.” I waved at him and ran over to Zayn. “I got the ball.”

            “Okay well go shower up; we are going to have lunch. Then I will be with Sir, for an hour or so then he will see you in your room after dinner. Louis will be watching you while I’m gone; I think he is going to take you into the theater.” A fucking theater they have a fucking theater.

            “Okay.” I dried myself off then followed Zayn back up into my room, well Harry and my room.

            “I’ll be waiting for you, be out in 20 minutes.” I nodded and went back inside the bathroom. I went to the shower and quickly rinsed myself off. I kept thinking about Liam. What if I told him I was a slave? Would he believe me? Would he save me but what about Harry? What if he was like the stories I’ve heard where someone snitched and the master didn’t stop till the slave was dead. I can’t take the risk, like Zayn said when Harry was mad he was mad. Zayn was so frightened but what is Harry like when he is mad?

            “Y/N, hurry up you have 5 minutes to get ready!” Zayn calls from the bathroom door.

            “Be out in a minute.” I dried myself off and went into the closet. I would prefer something comfortable like sweats but the clothes left for me were far from it. Even the pajamas were worse. So I decided to wear mini skirt and a cropped top.

            “Finally, hurry or we’ll be late!” I quickly slipped on the only open pair of shoes… Heels are not the smartest choice but definitely the quickest. I power walked next to Zayn still stumbling in my heels even though I have been wearing them for years.

            “There’s a time we have to be there? This morning I woke up so late though!”

            “He only did it because he knew you’d be tired. He only lets us do it because it’s the morning. The thing with the morning is the latest we can be is 11am and we have to be out by 11:30am. Other than that we have to be punctual at all costs.” We made it into the dining area where everyone was being settled in. Harry looked at me and licked his lips while patting the seat next to him.

            “Go with him, I’ll see you when I am done with my meeting with sir okay?” I nodded at Zayn and walked over to Harry, I tried my hardest not to trip even though my feet were sore from power walking in heels. I could see his eyes raking up and down my body.

            “Ah, Y/N take a seat babe.” He kissed me hello and then we both settled in. I looked over and saw I was sitting next to Louis.

            “Hey Y/N,” Louis smiled as he picked up a sandwich out of the whole buffet on the table. His voice was very hoarse, and to go along with it he had hickeys all over his neck; seems like sir and Louis had a good meeting.

            “Y/N baby doll, I want you to meet my good friend Nick Grimshaw.” I looked across from me and saw a tall, lengthy man, scruffy beard, crazy hair but a picture perfect smile.

            “Y/N go say hello to him.” Harry gritted through his teeth. I never really met any slave owner formally so this was new for me. I got up from my seat and made my way to him. He held up his hand.

            “Good evening Mr. Grimshaw, it’s a pleasure to meet you.” I bent over ass in the air and kissed his hand, I heard them both growl in approval.

            “Nice catch Styles.” I looked back up at him to see Nick biting his lip. “May I?”

            “I haven’t fully tried her out; you can touch only a bit not too much.” Harry seemed a tad uneasy. I guess when Harry said I was his, I was his. Nick pulled me in between his legs giving me a soft twirl and making a wolf whistle.

            “She’s a beauty.”

            “I know.” Harry seemed to never let his eyes up off us, he watched as Nick slid his hands down my sides, down my thighs, then back up my legs to grope my ass. I let out a soft squeal as he kissed the valley of my breasts.

            “That’s enough!” Harry pulled me into his lap checking my over if he left a mark.

            “Harry I didn’t do anything bad-“

            “I said a bit Nicholas! Not too much! Is that not what I said?!” Harry roared. The whole dining room went silent. Nick looked flustered, he seemed frightened too.


            “IS. THAT. NOT. WHAT. I. SAID?”

            “That’s exactly what you said and I won’t do it again.”

            “Damn right you won’t!” I felt his large hands cup my face stroking it softly. “You okay baby did he do anything bad?” His voice immediately went tender.

            I shook my head. “Daddy I’m fine it was an accident, don’t be mad at him I’m sorry.”

            “No babe I am not mad.”

            “Y/N he has a right to be mad,” Nick interjected, “I mean if Harry touched my own I’d be pretty mad too. Us getting in these small arguments don’t interfere with our friendship.” I nodded.

            “Sorry mate.”

            “No problem Styles, just feed me!” They both laughed and the noise in the dinning room resumed. Harry gave me a long kiss; I couldn’t help but grab his curls and rub his chest. Those lips were a drug to me. I whimpered softy as he pulled my bottom lip.

            “Go eat babe.” I nodded and went back to my seat.


            “Hmm.” He muttered through a mouthful of food.

            “What do I eat?” He swallowed his food before wiping his mouth.

            “Anything help yourself.” My eyes grew wide I began to pull three slices of pizza, my favorite sandwich, a pasta salad, some apple cider, and red velvet cupcake to top it all off. I didn’t know if I could eat it all but I didn’t care. I was starving.

As I shoved the food into my mouth I made small talk with Louis and met some other slaves. There was one beautiful girl with stunning brown eyes, her name was Cher. And another with all blonde hair who had striking blue eyes her name was Perrie. She reminded me of the blue eyed boy the say I was abducted, Niall. I wonder where he’s been. I hope he’s okay, even though it may be his fault I am in this hell hole of a life; he still tried to help me get away.

Once dinner was done, Louis guided me to the theater, it was huge. Instead of seats there were lazy boys. I looked over and they even had a concession stand. I ran my hand over the counter. It was just like the one back home, the one my parents took me to when things weren’t so fucked up between them.

            “Ever seen Forrest Gump?”

            “What’s that?”

Louis gasped in astonishment.

            “Best fucking film ever!”  I sat down next to Louis with a big bowl of popcorn in his hands.

Forrest Gump is about a simple man with a low I.Q. but good intentions. He is running through childhood with his best and only friend Jenny. His ‘mama’ teaches him the ways of life and leaves him to choose his destiny. Forrest joins the army for service in Vietnam, finding new friends called Dan and Bubba, he wins medals, creates a famous shrimp fishing fleet, inspires people to jog, starts a ping-pong craze, create the smiley, write bumper stickers and songs, donating to people and meeting the president several times. However, this is all irrelevant to Forrest who can only think of his childhood sweetheart Jenny Curran. Who has messed up her life. Although in the end all he wants to prove is that anyone can love anyone.

I felt my eyes swell up with tears as I saw Jenny herself messed up her life all because of her dirty rotten father. She never bothered to change. Why couldn’t she understand that people like me people who get turned into slaves, didn’t choose this life. She had the option to change. She had it lucky. There aren’t genuine people like Forrest Gump anymore.

“Y/N! Don’t cry babe.” He quickly pulled me into his arms and began stroking my hair. I held onto his neck and cried into his shoulder feeling his shirt dampen.

“I w-wish I didn’t have t-this life…” I began through sniffles, “J-jenny had it lucky because s-she had someone who l-loved her.” My voice sounded nazzely from my plugged up nose.

“We love you Y/N. Haz, loves you so much.”

“B-but he doesn’t love m-me he loves my body-y.” I cried harder. I heard a door shut; Louis and I quickly snapped our heads up. Harry was at the door, face fuming with anger. He stormed toward us and Harry grabbed me by my wrist pulling me away from Louis.

            “You think I am some fucking douche bag?!” He spat, his face inches away from mine. I cried harder and shook my head in fear.

            “Answer me you filthy bitch!” He shook me.

            “N-no D-daddy I s-swear.”

            “Haz! Let her go!”

            “Stay out of it you little shit!” Louis puffed and pulled me out of Harry’s grip pulling me into his arms.

            “Haz! Look at you! It’s only been a day for her! She’s just tired and lost! I understand how she feels because no one has ever loved me too! So stop yelling!” Louis shouted, tears now threatening his own eyes. I hid my face deeper in Louis’ chest as he rocked me back and forth.

            There was a brief pause before I felt the couch sink on the other side.

            “Y/N I’m sorry.” I held on tighter to Louis. Another arm wrapped around Louis and I, Harry held us both in his arms.

            “Lou?” Louis just softly kissed my forehead not looking up at Harry. “Louis.” Louis finally looked up at Harry who signaled his head to leave. Louis kissed my head one more time before getting up and exiting the room. I felt Harry pick me up and carry me off. I hid my face into his chest to prevent myself from looking at him. I heard a door shut before the comfort of our bed was felt on my back. I prepared myself for him to slap me-

            “Babe,” Harry said as he kissed my neck softly sucking on it. My eyes shot open and my breath immediately hitched. “Babe, look at me.” Harry lifted his head and looked down on me, “I’m sorry for shouting.” I nodded quickly unable to find words, I just pulled his head down onto my lips kissing him urgently, needing the touch, the affection. He slid his hands up my arms to my wrists and pulled them above my head as he kissed me. The force of his lips was indescribable my thirst for them, was undeniable. I strained against his wrists trying to lose my fingers in his luscious locks but he wouldn’t let up. He just kissed down my jaw line, passed my neck.

            “Not. Tonight. Babe.” He moaned in between kisses he made it to my cleavage and kissed the exposed skin through the top of my skirt.

I arched my back into his lips. “Please.” He darkly laughed and pulled my shirt over my head and unclasped my bra, throwing the useless clothing on the floor. He went for my mini skirt and pulled them down with my panties but going unbearably slow, taking his time as he slides his hands down my legs with the clothing, feeling everything before finally letting me kick them off but still pinned me after. He cupped my heat and I helplessly bucked my hips against him.

“Daddy please, just please take me.” He kissed my inner thighs and hummed against them.

“Oh I will baby.” He spread my legs and devoured my pussy. I screamed and gripped the bed sheets needing to grab a hold of something since he still restrained me. My legs were squirming everywhere as his tongue was sliding easily in between my folds, lapping my juices that were plentiful.

“Mmmmmm babe you’re so wet.” He squeezed my clit in between his lips causing my hips to jolt up; he slammed them down with his free hand.

“D-daddy yes I’m almost, ah!” I threw my head back reaching my peak. I felt his thumb move to my clit as his tongue worked my folds, I instantly lost it.

“DADDY!” I cried out arching my back, pulling the sheets, and throwing my head back. I started to whimper as Harry kept lapping me up; my orgasm leaving me sensitive. He came up wiping his lips.

“You came a lot, and it tasted great love,” he winked at me. I panted and sat up, cupping his face and kissing him smiling like an idiot.

“Why are you all smiley?” He asked kissing me sweetly.

“I finally had someone eat me out and do proper foreplay letting me cum. I like foreplay.” I rubbed the sparrows on his chest that were peaking out of his slightly unbuttoned flannel.

            “Baby we aren’t done,” He smirked in our kiss.

            “I hoped we weren’t, Daddy” I grinned as I went for his pants; he held my wrists stopping me.

            “It’s about you this time.” He kissed my head and began to strip; removing his flannel to see all the tattoos, his long torso, and his abs trailing a small line of hair. Harry took off his jeans and boxers. I saw his body for the first time exposed; he hovered over me kissing me roughly and grinding himself against me; I wrapped my arms around his middle, his skin was so soft, so smooth. I scratched my nails down his back as I felt him slam into me pounding hard but slow, showing affection. He sucked my neck as he slowly pulled back and thrusted forward, pushing all the momentum he had into me.

            “D-daddy, faster, I’m there.” He sped up as fast as he could. The sound of skin slapping, his grunts, and my moans are all that could be heard. The sweat shined his tan skin, defining his muscles even more. He pounded against my g-spot and that’s when I gave in. Crying out as my whole orgasm shook me. Once I came down I settled in as he shot his load into me, watching his face scrunch up leaving his lips in the perfect O. Once he slowly pulled to a stop we both looked at each other and smiled. He pulled out and pulled me under the covers with him, cuddling me into his chest and kissing my nose.

            I know for a fact that wasn’t love making but it was as close as I will ever get to it.

(So please give me feedback the next chapter will consist of mostly smut, don’t worry the drama is coming!)